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Luca “Joe” Keller

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At the age of 19, I decided to leave my hometown in the Black Forest of Germany to pursue my dream of becoming an Underwater Videographer. Since then I have lived in countries all around the world, the ocean always nearby.

I became a Divemaster at the age of 20 and entered the professional field of Underwater Videography shortly after. Over the years I have accumulated thousands of dives and spent over 1500 hours underwater with my camera always at hand.
As a professional diver and cameraman, I have taught scuba diving and Underwater Videography to students from all around the world and worked with high-ranking influencers worldwide.

My profession granted me access to some of the world’s most abundant ecosystems, but at the same time, I became a witness to the fast-paced destruction of our oceanic habitat. Therefore I decided to use my art to reach out on social media to expose and share the wonders our planet is hiding below the surface.

Where others let the ocean slip through their fingers, I capture it. With my lens.

Julia Baumgartner

#masterfreediver #marineconservationist #scubadiver #writer #artist #videographer #internationalbusinessgraduate #successmanager #nomad

I’m Julia, the Swiss Army Knife of LUNATICS IMAGING.

I’ve studied and worked hard all my life, made incredible experiences, traveled the world, learned from books and from people I look up to, and especially by doing. But something was missing all along. It wasn’t until my travels through Thailand, that I discovered something brand new to me: burning passion.

The purest and most intense passion gave context to my life. I found it underwater, on the first day of my Freediving course. I had never been diving before, not even scuba, but on that day, I knew that I fell in love with the depths of our ocean and all the miraculous wonders it beholds.

Ever since, I haven’t left the ocean, both physically and mentally. By now I’m also scuba diving and studying Marine Conservation – a topic very close to my heart. I have committed myself to the decision of doing everything in my power to help conserve our ocean as long as possible.

If you see behind-the-scenes shots, they’re most likely shot by me, holding my breath. When I’m not underwater, in front or behind the camera, I’m writing stories for our content, building relationships within the industry, partnering up with more like-minded underwater lunatics, and organizing our projects.

Underwater Lunatic
/ˌʌndɚˈwɑːtɚ ˈluːnəˌtɪk/
[a person who is crazy about the ocean,
who manically loves the wonders it beholds
and who protects it insanely.]

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