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Color Grading Workshop

colorful enhanced outstanding underwater videos

Join this live workshop,
and learn how to successfully
color grade any underwater video.

Editing Software:

DaVinci Resolve 18 | Premiere Pro




59 Euro/person

Upcoming dates:

15.07.2023 12:00 CET
12.08.2023 12:00 CET

  • Introduction to colors underwater
  • Basic shooting principles & camera settings
  • Introduction to grading software (DaVinci Resolve)
  • Introduction to color spaces
  • Basic & Advanced grading techniques
  • How to work with LUTs
  • Optimizing export for social media
  • 1 hour live workshop with Luca Keller
  • Digital editing guide
  • 3x 8bit HD clips to practice
  • 3x 10bit 4:2:2 4k clips to practice
  • 2 LUTs for your underwater videos
  • 15-minute QnA time

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