Underwater Videography Black Book for Beginners (digital)

I have spent a lot of time underwater accumulating priceless information, that will help you to take your Underwater Videography to the next level.

This E-Book is for Beginners and Intermediate Underwater Videographers and covers the following topics:

Basics of Underwater Videography (Natural Light, Artificial Light, Planning, Positioning…)
The Mindset of Underwater Videographers & Safety Precautions
– Diving for Videos and The Key to Steady Videos
Camera Consideration, Settings, and Set-Up
Understanding Marine Life Behavior in the Reef to get up and close
Introduction to Postproduction of Underwater Videos and Color Grading

Everyone purchasing the Black Book will also:

Gain access to an exclusive community for underwater videographers alike where I and other videographers will answer your questions

Receive a ticket to a live webinar QnA-session about underwater videography hosted by me and other fellow videographers

Release Date: 29.11.2022

Price: 13,99 €

Pre-Sale Ended: 28.11.2022

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by Luca “Joe” Keller | LUNATICS IMAGING Release Date: 29.11.2022 (digital PDF)


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This material has been composed for educational and theoretical purposes with the best intentions only. The Underwater Videography Black Book for Beginners is not a guarantee for any results, and neither it nor the author claims it to be. It is a supplement to a wider educational system. Everyone practicing diving and underwater videography is doing so at their own risk and should evaluate it accordingly and responsibly. Please remember, that the underwater environment is dangerous and that disregarding safety and security measurements acquired within your diving course can result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents. You should therefore never practice underwater videography without receiving proper diving or watersports education beforehand. This material does not represent such and is only supplementing the knowledge you should already have. Reading this material does not certify you as a diver and the author is not to be held responsible in case of insurance or legal claims.. Luca Keller, as well as LUNATICS IMAGING are not taking any liability or responsibility for accidents, injuries, or fatalities as well as damage to the equipment resulting from misconduct or misinterpretations of the material provided. Do not attempt to duplicate this material, do not resell it, and do not give it away or publish it or the information online.
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