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Let's bring your stories to life!

Production Services

We love to tell the stories of things we like through image films, commercials, short films or social media content.

Media solutions for your individual needs

We produce customized to your specific needs and vision.

Image Films

We are passionate about bringing your innovative ideas and visionary concepts to the screen. Let us be your creative partner in sharing your exciting journey and aspirations with the world.


Let us create captivating visuals to showcase your business and products to the world. We can also assist you with targeted social media campaigns.

Short Films

If your work evolves around nature, the marine environment, or the crucial theme of conservation, we are deeply committed to bringing your projects to the grand screen. Your stories deserve to be heard and seen, and we’re here to make it happen with passion and dedication.

How we work

Project Initiation

To commence a new project, we prioritize open communication with our clients. We encourage clients to articulate their requirements comprehensively. What type of production do you require? What are the objectives of this production? Which platforms will be utilized for distributing the content? What are the project’s timelines and expected outcomes? These details allow us to gain a thorough understanding of the project, enabling us to provide valuable insights, innovative ideas, and our artistic perspective.

Pre-Production Phase

Following our alignment on the project’s direction, the pre-production phase commences. During this stage, in close collaboration with our clients, we finalize essential elements such as the storyline, shooting locations, and project deadlines. This collaborative approach ensures that all parties are aligned and enables us to move forward seamlessly.

Production Phase

During the production phase, our primary objective is to capture all the necessary footage. If the project requires it, we are fully prepared to travel to specific locations.

Our in-house production gear is robust and versatile. We utilize cinema line cameras, specifically the Sony FX3 and Sony A7SIII, accompanied by a wide selection of lenses. We are also equipped with specialized Marelux and Nauticam underwater housing for underwater filming. Additionally, our inventory includes an extensive range of additional gear, such as lighting equipment, gimbals, drones, and various other tools essential for transforming your vision into a reality. If your project calls for any specific gear not currently in our inventory, we have the capability to source and incorporate it seamlessly into the production process. Your project’s success and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Post Production Phase

Once all the footage has been captured, we transition into the post-production phase, where we craft your project into the final product.

Our post-production services include crucial elements:

  1. Soundtrack: We provide a soundtrack that is entirely free of copyright issues.
  2. Video Editing: We expertly piece together the captured footage, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative flow.
  3. Sound Design: Our team meticulously fine-tunes the audio elements, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality and an immersive auditory experience.
  4. Color Grading: We employ color grading techniques to enhance the visual aesthetics of the film, adding depth and mood to the scenes.
  5. Iterative Review Process: We believe in collaborative perfection. Typically, we offer multiple versions for your review. This iterative approach allows you to provide feedback, request changes, and work closely with us to achieve your vision. Should additional versions be necessary, we are flexible and willing to accommodate your needs.

Enough talk, let's create something together!

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