Underwater Lunatic
/ˌʌndɚˈwɑːtɚ ˈluːnəˌtɪk/
[a person who is crazy about the ocean, who manically loves the wonders it beholds
and who protects it insanely.]

is a home…

…to people who are crazy about the ocean,
who manically love the wonders it beholds, and who protect it insanely.

Welcome home, fellow underwater lunatic.

Here at UNDERWATER LUNATICS, we go way beyond traditional imaging solutions.
We create value for you and our ocean by combining
creativity, passion, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Producing powerful moving images in form of promotional videos,
social media content, large-scale movie productions, experience videos, documentary-style videos, event videos, and many more is what we love doing.

But that’s not nearly enough for us…

We also share our passion and expertise with you through books,
custom videography trips, boot camps, safaris, and workshops.

We’re videographers, scuba divers, freedivers, marine conservationists, video editors, writers, storytellers, and explorers—and forever drawn to the big blue.


Luca Keller & Julia Baumgartner

Email: uwlunatics@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Telegram: +62 813-5304-9462

For inquiries on our work, diving trips, potential collaborations, and other information feel free to reach out to us.

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