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We're Underwater Lunatics.
We're crazy about the ocean, manically love the wonders it beholds, and protect it insanely.

Founder of Underwater Lunatics

Luca Keller

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I’m Luca Keller, aka @uwlunatic, a marine videography maestro born of German-Italian heritage. Swapping Germany’s Black Forest for the ocean’s deep mysteries at 19, I set sail on a global journey that has led to thousands of dives and 1500 hours underwater.
As a marine videography guru and certified Dive Instructor, I’m passing on my passion to global students and inspire via my book, courses, and social platforms.

Witnessing the ocean’s alarming degradation, I turned my art into activism. Using my digital handle, @uwlunatic, I spotlight the ocean’s hidden wonders and the threats it’s facing.

Where others let the ocean slip through their fingers, I capture it, one click at a time.

underwater videographer | UNDERWATER LUNATICS | Luca Keller
Creative Director & Head of Storytelling

Julia Baumgartner

#freedivinginstructor #marineconservationist #scubadiver #writer #artist #videographer #internationalbusinessgraduate #successmanager #nomad

I’m Julia – the Swiss Army Knife of LUNATICS IMAGING. From academic bookworm to passionate underwater explorer, my metamorphosis into a mermaid happened in Thailand’s deep blue. Embracing an all-consuming love for the ocean, I now navigate the seas of the world as an Underwater Lunatic.

Behind the scenes, I’m an aquatic storyteller, holding my breath to capture the ocean’s magic. Above water, I’m a connector, weaving narratives, forging industry relationships, and plotting the next deep-sea adventure. My role? Part ocean guardian, part storyteller, all Lunatic – advocating for the sea, one breath at a time.

Julia Baumgartner underwater videographer | UNDERWATER LUNATICS | LUNATICS IMAGING talesoftimid
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