Underwater Videography Black Book for Beginners (e-Book)


Underwater Video Black Book for Beginners
Priceless insider knowledge by
Luca Keller @uwlunatic

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Want to learn underwater videography?

This E-Book is for Beginners and Intermediate Underwater Videographers and covers the following topics:

The Basics

Color theory, recording with natural light, planning, body positioning, white balancing and more

The Mindset

Mindset of underwater videographers, safety precautions, dos and dont's

Buoyancy Techniques

Diving for videos and the key to steady videos

Camera considerations

Assessing cameras, suitable for underwater videography. Including additional gear, set-up & settings

Marine Life Behavior

Understanding marine life behavior in the reef to get up and close to your favorite subjects


Introduction to postproduction of underwater videos, color grading and export settings

Reader’s Opinions

Muhasyro F.

This book has given me a lot of helpful knowledge about underwater videography and helped me to improve my videos.

Sehran A.

Loved how simple every part of the process were explained. I’m pretty sure even a diver with no experience with using a camera would gain so much knowledge just by this book. Highly highly recommended for anyone. Amazing job with the book.

Claudia B.

What an awesome piece of work! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their underwater videography to the next level.

I have spent a lot of time underwater accumulating priceless information, that will help you to take your Underwater Videography to the next level.

“This book is for everyone, who wants to take the first or the next
step into the lifestyle & passion of underwater videography





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