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LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –

LIMITED OFFER   –   Last available slots   –



Exclusive Liveaboard with professional after-movie

An Exclusive Journey for Ocean Enthusiasts

Step into an immersive underwater realm uniquely curated for underwater explorers and content creators like you. We invite you to join us on an exclusive liveaboard experience in the radiant waters of the Red Sea, Egypt. As ocean lover, this unique voyage is specifically designed with you in mind.

Dance With Dolphins

Ever dreamt of swimming side by side with dolphins? Our adventure offers you the chance to interact, shoot, and create unforgettable content and memories with these playful, intelligent creatures in their natural habitat. For 3 days!

Dive Into the Unknown

Get ready to traverse the hidden depths of the Red Sea, where you’ll navigate through intricate underwater cave labyrinths, eerie shipwrecks, and awe-inspiring crystal-clear waters. Our team of experienced guides will ensure you have a safe and exciting dive.

Dwelve in Unmatched Conditions

Our voyage is carefully planned to offer the best conditions for underwater content creation. Videographers, photographers, and storytellers will find stunning visuals and captivating narratives beneath the surface. You’ll have the privilege of seeing and capturing the breathtaking underwater scenery in its most authentic form, free from the usual swarm of tourists that we’re avoiding at all costs.

Crafted by Creators, For Creators

This entire expedition has been planned by a team of seasoned underwater content creators who understand your unique needs and challenges. We’ve handpicked dream locations that will inspire you to create your best work yet and arranged the itinerary to minimize interference from other tourists.

Embark on this journey with us and unlock a world of endless exploration and creative possibilities. This is not just another trip; it’s an extraordinary live-aboard experience that’s bound to leave an exceptional mark on your life.

Customize your experience

To further enhance your underwater exploration, you can opt for additional packages including freediving, video/photo sessions, and videography workshops. Create your own dream journey!

Co-Hosted by Red Sea Experts and Underwater Content Professionals

UNDERWATER LUNATICS – The underwater content experts

We are a dynamic team of passionate explorers and advocates for the ocean.

Founded by Luca Keller, aka @uwlunatic, a Marine Videography Maestro, Dive Instructor, and Content Guru UNDERWATER LUNATIC’S mission is to capture the hidden wonders of the deep sea and raise awareness about its preservation. Luca shares his passion through his book, courses, and social platforms, turning his art into activism.

Julia Baumgartner, our Creative Director and Head of Storytelling, is a mermaid at heart, combining her love for the ocean with her storytelling powers. With every breath, she captures the magic beneath the waves.

4EverSea – Premium diving operator in the Red Sea

Meet the unparalleled union of an exceptional crew and a luxury yacht that you’d never want to disembark from. With a majestic span of 8 meters and a length stretching to 35 meters, the MY 4Ever Sea consistently undertakes enthralling diving and snorkeling safaris. It also offers liveaboard trips to some of the most exquisite locations in the Red Sea. This truly is your gateway to aquatic adventures par excellence.

Trip Itinerary

09.12.23 – Check-In – Hamata Marina
10.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
11.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
12.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
13.12.23 – Sataya Dolphin Reef
14.12.23 – Shaab Claudia
15.12.23 – Abu Galawa – Hamata Islands
16.12.23 – Hamata Islands – Hamata Marina
(subject to changes due to weather and local environment & authorities)

What’s included

Price: 1.185€

  • 7 nights in a shared 2-bedroom cabin with a private bathroom (possibility of upgrading to our Panorama Seaview Suite – ask us for details)
  • Marine Park Fee
  • 3 meals a day (buffet) + non-alcoholic drinks and snacks all-day
  • Professional after-movie of the whole trip

Customize your trip with optional add-ons

Scuba Diving

  • 6 Scuba dives (tanks included)
  • Each additional scuba dive = 25€/dive (tank included)
  • Minimum Requirements: Open Water Diver
  • Dive at colorful reefs, in wrecks, through underwater cave labyrinths, and with dolphins
  • Equipment rental and guide excluded



Professional Photo/Video

  • Bring professional videos or photos back home with you
  • 1 photo or video session with the experienced photographer/videographer, Luca Keller
  • Editing of photos included
  • Luca adapts to your needs and will ensure the best possible outcome that you will be able to share on social media, with your family and your friends


Discover Freediving

  • Discover the underwater world on a single breath
  • Safety is assured along every single step
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Breathwork & Relaxation Session
  • Theory session
  • Water session
  • The sessions will be held for a maximum of 3 people at a time, to make sure you get an individually adapted experience, depending on your needs


Underwater Videography Workshop

  • An afternoon dedicated to Videography
  • A 3-hour on-board workshop introducing you to the art of underwater videography
  • Covering cameras & settings, shooting techniques, color & light theory, color grading
  • Apply your knowledge in the water the next day




What’s excluded

  • Flights & transportation to the boat (Hamata Marina) (booking assistance available on request)
  • Camera equipment (rental available)
  • Scuba equipment (rental available)
  • Tips for the boat crew

From our last trip

Onboard the 4EverSea

Who is this trip for?

Who can join?

What kind of diving?

The itinerary of the trip is designed for content creation. You will have the chance to dive in caves (Shaab Claudia), at wrecks (Abu Galawa), at colorful and healthy reefs (Hamata Islands), and with dolphins (Sataya dolphin reef).
According to the specific site, you will be either scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling.

Do you need to have a camera?

Do I need my own diving equipment?

Do you need previous free diving experience?

Will you see dolphins on this trip?

How many people can join this trip?

Is this a pure scuba-Trip?

Need more details

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